Postings – 2014

2014 Tax Rate
October 7, 2014

At its previous meeting, the Board of Directors of LID 11 voted to decrease the 2014 LID 11 tax rate by $.025 per $100 of assessed valuation. The new rate is:

$0.225 per $100 assessed value
(comprised of $0.18 for debt service and $0.045 for operations and maintenance)

You can view your tax statement online at If you would like to pay your tax bill through Tax Tech, current payment options are: cash, check, money order, and cashiers check. Credit cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard with a 3.5% service charge. Credit cards are only accepted over the internet, not in person or by phone.

If you do not escrow your taxes and have not received a tax statement, please contact the tax office at (281) 499-1223 or visit their website at

Say Farewell to the Greatwood Districts Website

Annexation by the City of Sugar Land

The 4 Greatwood MUDs (MUD 106, 108, 109 and 117) will be dissolved by the City of Sugar Land when it annexes the land into its city limits effective just after midnight the night of December 11, 2017. On December 12, 2017, you will be residents of the City of Sugar Land. Carol McCutcheon will be your City Council representative at The City’s website offers much information and we encourage you to visit the site to become informed about your new City.

There will be a one month transition from the water bills you receive from the MUDs and the one you will get from the City. The MUDs will send you a bill in December. You will pay this bill directly to the City. That bill will contain specific information for you to pay. If you are enrolled in the MUD ACH program for automatic payments, you need to stop that when you get your December bill. You will not be able to use ACH automatic payments to pay your December bill. You will have to pay the City by check. Once you are in the City, you will be able to set up an online account for payment of your City water bill. Please accept our apologies now for this one month inconvenience. Please look for special inserts in your November and December water bills for more specific information.

Payment of Last Water Bill

Don’t forget your December water bill will be the LAST ONE that you will get from the MUD. The next water bill you get will be from the City of Sugar Land. Please remember, due to the annexation into the City, you cannot use the MUD ACH automatic payment system to pay your December bill. You will have to write a check to the City of Sugar Land to pay your December bill. Please follow this link to enroll in the City’s online payment program.