Brazos River Forecast Update – 12/7 @ 9 AM

The WGRFC has issued a forecast for the majority of the gage locations in the lower Brazos River Watershed. The 7:44 AM published forecast shows the Brazos River in Richmond hitting Gage 42 feet on Wednesday, December 12 around 6 AM. As shown on the graphic, the elevation of 42 feet is at the end of the current forecast window. This means that the current forecast does not necessarily represent the final peak that could occur in Richmond. The final peak will depend on the actual amount of rainfall that will occur in the watershed. We will continue to watch the local conditions in Fort Bend County, but also the conditions upstream. Currently, the WGRFC is forecasting Hempstead to hit 52.1 and San Felipe to hit 120.6.

As of this morning, the NWS is continuing to show heavy rain hitting the Greater Houston Area starting later today. The region has the potential to receive between 2” to 5” with isolated amounts between 8” to 10”. With these totals and the short duration, we have an increased risk of street ponding with local rises in our creeks and streams occurring Friday night. This is particularly the case in areas with a history of ponding and/or poor conveyance.

LID 11 Bond Issue Upcoming Drainage Improvements and 2018 Tax Rate

As you know, our LID provides flood protection from the 100-year flood event on the Brazos River. The District operates and maintains a levee, storm water pump stations, drainage ditches, and detention ponds. The only source of funds to construct, operate, and maintain the system is through tax dollars paid by the residents and commercial properties within LID 11.

Through careful planning and preparation, as well as a little bit of luck, LID 11 weathered Hurricane Harvey without any loss of property. Even though the District fared well, after Hurricane Harvey, the directors and consultants for LID 11 reviewed the overall system to determine what improvements could be made to the system which would provide additional protection for future events.

After reviewing the possible improvements, the directors determined the projects that would be implemented. In order to fund the costs of the design and construction of these improvements, the District sold $13,850,000 in bonds. Below is a brief summary of our drainage system and new projects to improve flood protection, as well as a description how we pay for these new improvements.

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Brazos River Levels


Due to rainfall upstream of the District in the Brazos River watershed, we are anticipating elevated water levels in the Brazos River. The current forecast is estimating the Brazos River level at the Richmond gauge to be 39.2 feet on Sunday, October 21, 2018. It is possible we could see Richmond gauge at or above 40 feet. The District’s operator and engineer are monitoring and will continue to monitor the Brazos River levels and update the District’s website as necessary. For additional information regarding current Brazos River levels, you may visit the website of Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management at