Levee Raising Project

Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 11 is currently raising its levee to increase the protection from flood water in the Brazos River. This was one of the biggest concerns that we heard after Hurricane Harvey and the District has worked to achieve this level of protection. This level of protection will give LID 11 one of the highest levels of protection in the Fort Bend County area. During this time of construction, there will be increased traffic on the levee, including large vehicles and construction equipment.

The safety of our residents is a priority. We have heard the residents’ concerns regarding the speed of the trucks and have conveyed the message to the Contractor. They have instructed their drivers to keep to safe speeds.

Additionally, FBCLID 11 strongly urges all residents to take care and to avoid the levee area during construction. This is for the safety of our residents and the Contractors.

In order to protect the residents and the construction workers, we have asked City of Sugar Land to increase patrols of the levee.

As a reminder, unauthorized motor vehicles on the levee is a criminal offense regardless of whether construction is taking place or not. If you witness an unauthorized motor vehicle on the District’s levee, please contact the City of Sugar Land police.