Levee Raising Project Summary

FBCLID 11 is excited to announce that the District recently completed construction on a project that has raised the height of the levee. The levee, which was raised by approximately 2 feet, is now 6 feet above the current 100-year flood elevation of the Brazos River. This exceeds all federal and local regulations and makes it one of the safest levees in Fort Bend County. As part of the project, the District made one of the detention ponds deeper, which increases the volume for storing rain water inside the levee.

The District is continuing to improve the levee and drainage system in several ways. Current projects include completing a third pump station to serve the District as well as significantly increasing the pumping capacity of the two existing pump stations.

Tropical Storm Beta

FBCLID 11 is actively monitoring the conditions with Tropical Storm Beta currently in the Gulf of Mexico. While the track of the storm is uncertain, our area has recently been placed in a Flash Flood Watch.

One of the improvements the District made after Hurricane Harvey was to install a pipe to drain a portion of the lakes around which the golf course is located. By lowering the water surface of these lakes, we can store significantly more rainfall inside the levee system.

Around 7 a.m. on Sunday September 20th, the levee operator will open the pipe to start lowering the water levels in these lakes. We will not completely drain the lakes, likely lowering the water elevation just a few feet. We will monitor the level of these lakes during this time.

We encourage all residents to stay aware of the storm news and make sure that you get your information from verified, reputable sources. Please follow the storm and area conditions on the websites of either the City of Sugar Land or Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management.

Expansion of Pump Station No. 1

Construction of the expansion of pump station no. 1 has begun. The contractor is working on the installation of sheet pile shoring that will allow them to excavate and begin the installation of the additional pump station.

We apologize for the noise related to the driving of the sheet piles, but it is necessary in order to construct the station. According to the contractor’s scheduled, the driving of the sheet piles should be complete by the end of next week (9/18/2020) weather permitting. At this time the noise coming from the job site should be greatly reduced. However, the construction will be on-going for several more months.

The District apologizes for this and future inconveniences but please know it is for the greater flood protection of all residents of Greatwood. Thank you all for your understanding and support.