Raising Levee Height

Construction on the improvements to the levee for Fort Bend County LID 11 are about to commence. The proposed construction will increase the level of protection against the Brazos River by raising the top elevation of the levee approximately 2-feet. Additionally, the project will provide additional storage volume inside the levee.

Over the next few months, you may notice excavation equipment and dump trucks on the levee as part of this construction contract. In addition, you will also see excavation within the District’s dry detention areas. Upon completion, the entire levee will have six (6’) of freeboard above the Brazos River 100-year Floodplain.

To assist in the timely completion of the project as well as to avoid any potential injuries or damages, please avoid the levee and dry detention for the next three months. Even areas that may appear to be “complete” need to be avoided until the final completion of the entire contract. Any disruption to the construction activities will have a direct impact on the completion of the project.

A more comprehensive explanation of this and other projects currently underway by the District can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the District via this link.

Pump Station # 1 Progress

Pictures of your tax dollars at work: Construction is progressing at the storm water pump stations. Back-up, emergency operation gates are installed and operational at Pump Station No. 2. Two of the new back-up, emergency operation gates and actuators are installed at Pump Station No. 1. The associated electrical work at Pump Station No. 1 is also underway. These projects are financed with our bonds.

Pump Station to Serve Forest Green Area

This project is a new storm water pump station to serve the Forest Green neighborhood. This area currently drains to the detention pond only by a gravity pipe. This new pump system will accommodate approximately 13.7 inches of rainfall in 24 hours with the pump station and storage volume. Status: Under Construction, anticipated completion of late January 2020.

Your tax dollars at work: